Advancing sustainable innovation

Electro Ventures is an entrepreneur led investment holdings company with over a dozen sustainable innovation companies in our portfolio. We are a hands-on investor with a thesis around aligning our focus on the highest adoption rates of different emobility sectors and associated clean technologies

Our Portfolio


Here are some of the companies we’re proud to have either founded, invested in or partnered with to help achieve our sustainability mission 


World leader in electric aircraft chargers and renewable energy aviation infrastructure


Developing WaveDrive electric hydrofoil propulsion technology and WaveFlyer personal watercraft

Electro Base

Modular containerized batteries for grid-independent solar EV fleet charging solutions

Fly On E

Electric aircraft training & sales, from fixed-wing two-seaters now up to 5 seat air taxis in the future

Aqua Flights

Electric hydrofoil watercraft experiences, from eFoil Surfboard rental through to larger eFoil Ferries

Perth Solar Force

WA's leading residential solar and battery installer, with over 25,000 installations to date and 20MW added per year

Jump Aero Asia-Pacific

Representing the Jump Aero high speed emergency responder JA1 eVTOL aircraft in Asia-Pacific

Electro Skimmer

Combining our electric ducted fan tech with James Greenberger's Mudskipper WIG Vessel

Tiller E Rides

Tiller Rides created the Roadster commuter eBike and EVH have helped pivot into the shared economy with new E Rides brand.

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs who have launched and grown many of our own start-ups over the years, so we’re very familiar with the challenges that our portfolio company founders have had and will face during their growth.

Joshua Portlock

Founding Partner & Innovation Director

Josh with his supportive wife Felicity after winning the Curtin University Innovation Award

Joshua Portlock

Bronson Davies

Co-Founder and Financial Partners

Co-Founder of portfolio company Perth Solar Force, WA's leading residential solar installer

Bronson Davies

Carol Wallbank

Sustainability Director

Carol Wallbank

Dagogo Altraide

Communications Manager

Dagogo Altraide

Jonathan Lilley

Entrepreneur in Residence

Jonathan Lilley

Susie Staton

Business Strategist

Susie Staton

Hannah Beltran

Executive Assistant

Hannah Beltran

Behind The Scenes

There are more than a hundred team members and advisors contributing to Electro Ventures and it’s portfolio companies

The Benefits

our advantages

Entrepreneurial Team

  • Our partners are also sustainable innovation founders themselves
  • Educated selection & avoidance
  • Relatable to new startup founders
  • Value-add capital gains through in-kind advisory services and goodwill

Diverse ESG Portfolio

  • Portfolio covers key enabling tech in air, land and water transport
  • Vertical diversity through combinations of B2B, B2C and P2P
  • Different commercial stages provides a healthy mix of profitability, liquidity and blue-sky

Max Gains & Min Fees

  • We aim to be Australia’s highest-ranked sustainability-focused fund
  • Targeting an average of at least 50% compounded annual growth
  • ESIC 20% tax offset & no CG Tax
  • Unlike conventional VCs, we don’t charge a 2%/yr management fee or 20% capital gain performance fees
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Professional Team

About Us

Electro venture holdings Pty Ltd advancing sustainable innovation

We believe now is the best time to be investing in clean tech to help Australia’s energy transition towards net zero emissions. 

We already have a diverse portfolio of market-leading sustainable ecosystem companies that we have either founded and grown from the ground up or invested in at an early stage. We are now focused on finding, nurturing and growing other complementary sustainability innovation companies that are solving real-world renewable energy and electric mobility problems.

Unlike conventional VC funds, we don’t charge any management or performance fees, as we are investing in parallel with you, sharing the risks and rewards with you. We are also currently ESIC (Early Stage Innovation Company) eligible, so you will get the 20% tax offset and zero capital gains for holding between 1-10 years if you are an eligible ESIC investor.

ElectroLabs is our Venture Studio style business model where we experiment with incubating new sustainable innovations ideas and technologies within Electro Ventures to test the market appetite. This informs us on deciding on further investing and/or spinning out the opportunities to facilitate scale.  The CyberTrailer aerodynamic solar trailer prototype is an example of a project lead and funded by Electro Ventures. 

“Learn all you can and who knows how far you’ll go!”

From a poster of a boy in an astronaut suit pointing to the stars that Josh got from NASA

Why Invest in Electro Ventures

To Advance Sustainable innovation for our future generations to live better

Every investment we make and company we choose to add-value to must have a positive sustainable energy aspect and be innovative in either their technology or business model. This is the only way we’ll both maximize our positive impact on the enviroment and acheive the highest capital growth for you our investors.

Our Vision

A 100% renewable energy future, producing zero emissions, that is still comfortable and enjoyable

Our Mission

Support founders commercialise their sustainable innovations to acheive our vision

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